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Are you ready for seven-year jail terms for cartel conduct?

Home Insights Are you ready for seven-year jail terms for cartel conduct?

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Contributed by: Troy Pilkington, Sam Holmes and Bradley Aburn

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Published on: April 05, 2019


Competition Alert – 5 April 2019

The Commerce (Criminalisation of Cartels) Amendment Bill passed its third reading in Parliament yesterday. This means it is likely to be enacted into law very shortly (bills that have passed their third reading typically receive Royal Assent within a week or so).

When the Bill passes into law, market participants will have two years from the commencement date to get their house in order before cartel conduct attracts a maximum seven-year jail term for individuals, and criminal liability is only avoided if the relevant individuals "reasonably believe" that one of the specific exemptions to cartel liability apply. Ignorance of the law is expressly excluded as a justification. For more detailed commentary on the substantive provisions of the Bill, see our previous alert here.

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