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Published on: July 26, 2022


In the digital download our Technology, Digital, and Strategic Sourcing team take a deep dive into focal topics in the Technology sector.

The first series considers the opportunities and challenges for Aotearoa New Zealand in taking SaaS (Software as a Service) to the world, including interviews with experts in the sector.

Meet our team

Liz Blythe, Partner

Louise Taylor, Special Counsel

Vaash Singh, Senior Solicitor







Introducing the series: Taking SaaS to the World (episode 1)

View episode text here

SaaS and privacy considerations (episode 2)

View episode text here.

LawVu: A Global SaaS Success Story (episode 3)

View episode text here.

SaaS and AI (episode 4)

View episode text here.

Modica Market Entry (episode 5)

View episode text here.

Investing in a SaaS Business (episode 6)

View episode text here.

SaaS Agreements - Top Tips (episode 7)


View episode text here.
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