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Our diversity and inclusion goals

Our Commitment

Planning for a bright future

We are proud of the work we have done to date and we also recognise that ensuring true diversity and inclusion is a long-term focus requiring ongoing commitment to create meaningful change. Part of this commitment is holding ourselves accountable to these goals, and implementing a work programme across a wide range of areas to support our goals.

Understanding cultural and systemic barriers to attracting, retaining and promoting talented people will be a core focus for our programme of work.

We've seen the power in harnessing the potential and energy of our people to build and maintain an environment where everyone can thrive, and we are committed to continuing this mahi.

Indicators of success

Building a solid foundation

We fundamentally believe that building an inclusive culture will enable us to be a firm that our people, clients and wider community are proud to be associated with.

The Board, partnership and management believe in enabling a supportive and inclusive workplace for people of any gender, cultural identity, sexual orientation or way of working. This inclusivity means everyone can be themselves at work and empowers us to continue to build and enjoy a positive workplace together.

Our Diversity & Inclusion policy was refreshed on 3 March 2022.