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Aiding your professional development

Russell McVeagh regularly holds CPD training to help you stay up to date with recent legal developments and issues pertinent to doing business in New Zealand.

These sessions are CPD-eligible and you will be sent CPD confirmation upon completion of the session.

To register your interest in attending these sessions, please email [email protected].

Upcoming Seminars

Contact Law Seminar - "Terms of Art" (Part II)

Presented by Ian Beaumont, Marika Eastwick-Field (AKL) and Cath Shirley- Brown, Jeremy Upson (WGN)
1:00pm - 2:00pm, 29 September 2020 (WGN) and 01 October 2020 (AKL)

In this session we will look at often-used but not always well understood terms such as "gross negligence", "good faith", "material breach" and "consequential loss".  While some of these are "terms of art"  that have specialised meanings, others do not.  The presenters will explain how these terms are interpreted and applied by the courts when they appear in contractual documentation. 


CPD Seminar : AML/CFT Enforcement

Presented by Will Irving, Polly Pope and Camille Butters
1:00pm - 2:00pm, 06 October 2020, Auckland

In this session we will look at the recent enforcement action by the AML/CFT supervisors and the current regulatory environment in which enforcement action continues to ramp up significantly. Since our 2019 update, we have seen not only a High Court decision imposing penalties of over $7 million, but also New Zealand's first judgment in criminal proceedings brought under the AML/CFT Act. 
If you are outside of Auckland, or would prefer to join us via zoom, please let our events team know.