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New broader proposals to streamline High Court proceedings

Home Insights New broader proposals to streamline High Court proceedings

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Contributed by: Will Irving, Aidan Lomas and Anna McLean

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Published on: May 26, 2021


The Rules Committee, which is responsible for the procedural rules that apply in New Zealand Courts, has released a further consultation paper identifying potential reforms to improve access to justice in civil matters. These proposals respond to submissions received following two earlier consultation papers and are significantly broader than earlier proposals.
The Rules Committee intends to both report to the Attorney-General (as some of the proposals would require law changes) and reach a view on the appropriate rule changes they can implement directly. The proposals would fundamentally change the way in which civil cases are heard – for example, by ending the current discovery regime and reducing the number of interlocutory hearings – and are therefore relevant to all users of the court system. 
Read our summary of the proposals: here. 

The Rules Committee will reach a final view on the proposals after a second round of consultation. As shown by the expansion of proposals following the initial consultation, submissions can have a real impact, and consultation ends on 2 July 2021.


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