Shaping the future

FinTech, or financial technology, is shaping the future of the financial and commercial world.

Cutting-edge innovations in blockchain technology, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, robo-advice and initial coin offerings are shifting the landscape of financial services and the companies that make use of them. Each of these technologies promises a wealth of opportunities, as well as new challenges in regulation and enforcement.

We draw our FinTech expertise from across our Banking and Finance, Corporate Advisory, ICT and Litigation teams. Whether you are a small tech start-up or a corporate giant, we provide the breadth of knowledge necessary to advise in this emerging and disruptive field.

Blockchain powered solutions

Blockchain, other distributed ledger technologies and smart contracts are in their infancy, but increasingly New Zealand businesses are moving from 'proofs of concept' to solutions with tangible business benefits. 

To make the right decisions, businesses in this space need informed advice on the regulatory and legal environment so that the potential gains are realised and risks identified and mitigated.

We have teams to advise clients on all stages of the process, with expertise in finance, regulation, corporate transactions, IP and technology litigation.  We have published and advised widely in the area  - see our introductory articles on smart contracts, cryptocurrency and digital property rights and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Our experience includes advising:

  • An international telecoms company on a blockchain project to track the provenance of telephone batteries;
  • A blue chip technology company on its regulatory issues arising from a blockchain currency transfer solution;
  • An international technology company on the legal implications of offering and selling crypto-tokens to New Zealand investors; and
  • A start-up technology company on how to engage with New Zealand regulators in respect of a financial product market using blockchain technology for clearing and settlement.


Robo-advice is simply the giving of financial advice by a computer. As artificial intelligence technology reaches ever greater heights, the potential for software to deliver sound, intelligent, personalised advice is fast becoming reality. The application of this technology to the highly-regulated financial sector promises huge increases in efficiency and accuracy of advice, but also raises intriguing legal questions.

These are just a few of the emerging technologies that promise to shape the commercial world. The potential applications of FinTech are limitless, and our team is here to advise you every ground-breaking step of the way.

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