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Infrastructure Series: What's on the horizon?

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Published on: December 05, 2022


We are proud to support New Zealand's leading infrastructure conference - Infrastructure New Zealand's Building Nations - which took place on 22-23 November at Wellington's TSB Arena in 2022. 

At the conference, our infrastructure experts Tom Hunt spoke on the Climate Change & Sustainable Infrastructure panel about supporting the transition to renewable energy, and Michael Loan presented on the Infrastructure Funding & Finance panel, drawing on his extensive overseas experience - working at Macquarie's Green Investment Group for eight years - to discuss 'how do we fund and finance infrastructure effectively?'.

We bring you What's on the horizon?, a series where we consider some of the key trends and developments in this space.

Our experts present their insights on project financing, renewables, water, climate change, construction disputes, and more... 

Article 1: New Zealand onshore renewables – raising equity financing at the project level

We kick off the series with a focus on New Zealand's onshore renewables market, with our Head of Infrastructure Michael Loan diving into equity financing at the project level.

Access the article here
Access the pdf version here.

Article 2: Retreat! Critical year ahead for climate change adaptation

An important pillar of New Zealand's adaptation strategy is the development of a framework for managed retreat, which relates to the strategic relocation of assets and infrastructure away from intolerable risk. 

Access the article here
Access the pdf version here.

Article 3: Considerations for collaborative procurement and contracting

Special Counsel Nick Saxton looks at collaborative procurement and contracting and how effective collaboration can improve commercial outcomes for all parties.

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Access the pdf version here.

Article 4: Resource management reform – Will it move the dial for infrastructure?

Daniel Minhinnick and Lauren Rapley consider what the imminent changes to New Zealand's Resource Management framework will likely mean for the infrastructure sector.

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Access the pdf version here.

Article 5: Multi-owner projects - 3 governance considerations for owners

Mei Fern Johnson and Nicola Robbins consider three key governance issues in multi-owner projects that will ensure owners maintain the necessary control and influence over such projects.

Access the article here
Access the pdf version here.

Article 6: Three Waters Reform – Select Committee suggests changes to Water Services Entities Bill

Petra Carey, Victoria Piatov and Kate Butler discuss the Select Committee's recommendations for the Water Services Entities Bill, which establishes four water services entities (WSEs) as part of the Three Waters Reform Programme.

Access the article here.
Access the pdf here.
For more information on the Building Nation's conference, see here

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