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Mike King: Talking about the serious stuff

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Contributed by: Pagen Plaizier

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Published on: January 16, 2017


Gary McDiarmid, our CEO, has always been an advocate of lawyer’s mental health, and as a friend of psychiatrist David Codyre, in November 2012 our firm hosted a session on the importance of mental health for our Auckland employees, with both well know comedian Mike King and David Codyre (the founders and hosts of The Nutters Club, a radio show focused on mental health issues).

Due to the success of this session, we sponsored and hosted seminars with Mike King for the Wellington Young Lawyers Association and Auckland Young Lawyers Association in 2015. A number of our graduates plus young lawyers at other firms attended these events.

We felt it was essential spread the message and to roll these sessions out to a wider audience, and were delighted to organise and sponsor more of Mike’s sessions in 2016. To support our commitment to young lawyers and our future workforce, we organised and sponsored sessions with Mike at universities over the country throughout August, September and October.

During the sessions Mike led an engaging dialogue and was incredibly open about his history of mental health issues including his experiences with addiction, and his willingness to start a frank and honest dialogue on the subject.

Staff sessions with Mike King had been incredibly valuable for us internally as they facilitated open discussions about mental wellbeing that people often find difficult to have. We saw a real need at every law school at each university across the country. The feedback has been overwhelming.