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Innovation is constantly bringing new technologies to the world. Artificial intelligence, data analytics and software robotics, the Internet of Things, blockchain and the trust economy, virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing and just about everything "as-a-Service" are all driving changing ways of working across public and private sectors in New Zealand and around the globe.

Emerging technologies are setting a fast and exciting pace of change, but also posing challenging legal and regulatory questions. We advise technology-focused companies of all sizes throughout their business lifecycle, from setting up a company and understanding tax and employment law issues to negotiating key procurement and supply contracts, raising capital, investing in technology businesses and navigating complex regulatory issues. We also have a dedicated FinTech team, and members of FinTech NZ helping to shape the NZ FinTech Agenda.

Future-proofed advice at every stage

Whether a startup, growth-stage company or mature multinational, our clients develop and invest in cutting-edge technology and rely on these technologies to enable and improve their businesses. Our experience across the whole spectrum of the business lifecycle uniquely positions us to offer strategic, pragmatic and future-proofed advice to technology-focused organisations of all different shapes and sizes.

Our Technology Start-ups: A Practical Guide provides some basic advice for start-up enterprises wishing to do business in New Zealand in the technology sector. In this, we set out the key legal considerations that technology start-ups should be aware of in order to effectively protect assets, maximise enterprise value and plan for future growth.

We are strong supporters of innovation in New Zealand and work closely with industry participants to build the profile of this important sector of the New Zealand economy. We are part of the New Zealand technology alliance of NZTech and keenly advocate New Zealand as a great place for technology-focused companies to do business.

Our recent experience includes advising:

  • Narrative in connection with the preparation of its software licence terms, privacy policy, capital raising and related corporate and commercial matters.

  • Tradle on the establishment of business in New Zealand including on IP agreements, licensing and service agreements.
  • Revolut on New Zealand regulatory and establishment advice.
  • Kowhiri, an online wills and trusts company, on agreements and acquisitions.
  • Adminis in relation to its registry services offering and the launch of an employee share scheme, as well as data licensing arrangements.
  • Chalkle in relation to the establishment of an online platform for ongoing community-based education, as well as related partnering agreements.
  • Launchpad in relation to the funding and legal structure of participants in the Launchpad Work accelerator.
  • Totum Limited on general corporate and commercial advisory, through Mei Fern Johnson's position as an advisory board member of the company.
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